Voici une liste de gourous, chercheurs, professeurs ou réseaux, spécialistes des réseaux sociaux donnée par Yann Mauchamp dans Xing

  1.  Arent Greve, Associate Professor, Organizational Behavior, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration. Greve is working on studies of the role of social networks in different aspects of economic behavior and organizations. Includes research on entrepreneurs and the role of social networks in the establishment process.
  2. Douglas R. White, Professor of Anthropology and Social Science, University of California, Irvine. Interests include social dynamics, the organizational theory of social networks and long-term multilevel study of human social organizations.
  3. H. Russell Bernard, Department of Anthropolgy, University of Florida. Applies social network analysis techniques to the study of ethnic cultures and indigenous languages.
  4. Linton C. Freeman, Research Professor, Department of Sociology, University of California, Irvine.Research interest is in the area of Social Network Analysis, with a recent concentration on Network Visualization.
  5. NetForm. The NetForm Network Analysis software and supporting professional services allows organizations to identify and leverage networks of individuals (employees, customers, suppliers, etc.) to improve firm productivity and profitability.
  6.  Noshir S. Contractor, Associate Professor, Departments.of Speech Communication & Psychology, UIUC Dr. Contractor is currently investigating factors that lead to the formation, maintenance and dissolution of dynamically linked knowledge networks in more than twenty organizations and communities.
  7. Philip Bonacich, Department of Sociology, UCLA.Dr. Bonacich is a mathematical sociologist and social psychologist currently studying exchange networks and the application of evolutionary game theory to networks.
  8. 8. Ronald S. Burt, Hobart W. Williams Professor of Sociology and Strategy, Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago. Specialty in theory and research methodology describing the social structure of competitive advantage in careers, organizations and markets.
  9.  Timothy J. Brazill, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Deaprtment of Sociology, Mercer University Professional interests include: social networks; the behavioral consequences and cognition of social structure; the measurement of fundamental network properties such as acquaintanceship volume and social proximity, methodology and statistics.
  10.  Vancouver Network Analysis Team, William D. Richards and Andrew J. Seary of Simon Fraser University are specialists in social network analysis software.

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